Catering and Food Service Management (Ch-4) Important Questions || Class 12 Home Science Chapter 4 in English ||

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Chapter – 4

Catering and Food Service Management

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Class 12 Home Science Chapter 4 (Catering and Food Service Management) in English. These Important Questions are useful for the students who are going to appear in class 12 board exams.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
SubjectHome Science
Chapter no.Chapter 4
Chapter Name(Catering and Food Service Management)
CategoryClass 12 Home Science Important Questions in English
Class 12 Home Science Chapter 4 Catering and Food Service Management Questions in English

Chapter 4 Catering and Food Service Management

Very Short Answer Questions

Q1. What are Catering services?

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Ans. Services that cater/ provide food service are known as catering services.

Q2. Name two institutions which offer catering services.

Ans. Hospital, Orphanage

Q3. Kishore works in an MNC. He eats readymade food. What are the two reasons for increasing demand of ready to eat foods?

Ans. Demand for readymade foods is increasing due toa.

  • Many people live away from their families due to their higher education or job. They have difficulty in preparing food on their own, hence they eat readymade foods.
  • When both husband and wife are working and due to long working hours, they cannot cook food at home.

Q4. What do you understand by Menu compiling?

Ans. Menu determines the ingredients required, the type and number of equipment, the expertise of the personnel and the number to be employed.

Short Answer Questions (2 marks)

Q1. ‘Food service and catering has evolved into an industry.’ Discuss this statement.

Ans. Food service and catering has evolved into an industry because –

  • There is a big demand for tasty, hygienic and healthy food. It should also be aesthetically served.
  • Such food is in demand which does not get spoil soon.
  • Due to scientific and technological advancement activities related to food production have become simpler. These activities improve the safety and quality of food and make the work more simple and easy.
  • Use of computers has helped to maintain records, accounting systems, online ordering of food, information about equipments manufactured in different parts of the world and recipes for various preparations are easily available.

Q2. Write four factors which influence development of food services.


  • Urbanisation and Globalisation
  • Tradition and Culture
  • Religious practices
  • Industrial development

Q3. What is the difference between Home-based food service and Food service industry, explain?

Ans. When some individuals (like entrepreneurial women) or groups prepare food and send them to persons at their places of work or to their homes, it is called Home-based food service. Those places, institutions and companies that are responsible for any meal preparation outside the home are called Food service industry. They can be many types of establishments like hotel, restaurant, fast food outlets, canteen or cafetaria.

Q4. Prerit has got a job in a ‘7 star’ hotel. What benefits Prerit will get from this job?

Ans. Benefits of doing job in a ‘7-star’ hotel

  • It has a luxurious atmosphere. If he works there, he will come in contact with many famous and important people.
  • It is an international industry, hence he will get opportunity to work abroad.
  • When he gets well trained and experienced, he may be appointed in opening hotels and other catering establishments in different countries.
  • It will give him opportunity to work in beautiful locations.

Short Answer Questions (3 marks)

Q1. A group of college going boys and girls want to go for educational tour. What could be the styles and standards of functions in staying and catering by the commercial sector, explain.

Ans. Styles and standards of functions in catering –

  • Internationally famous 7/5 star establishments- They are big hotels that are elegant and luxurious. Here, the facilities and food are of highest standards but they are very expensive.
  • Less expensive establishments- They have a pleasant and cheerful ambience, food and all services are of high standard. Their costs are less than big hotels, like- 3 or 4- star hotels.
  • Small restaurants- Here not much attention is paid to ambience, less equipments are used. Here food is relatively cheaper. Restaurants menu does not have much variation.

Q2. Ramesh has opened a new restaurant. Which six points should he keep in mind while preparing the menu for his restaurant?

Ans. Points to be kept in mind while preparing menu –

  • Season
  • Availability of ingredients
  • Price range
  • Variety
  • Time of day
  • Food habits of customers over there.

Q3. What is management in food service? What are the 6 M’s of resources?

Ans. Management is a process of using resources to achieve goals through various interacting elements.

6 M’s of resources are

  • MAN

Long Answer Questions (4 marks)

Q1. Catering services are of how many types? Explain by giving examples.

Ans. Catering services

  • Welfare or Non Commercial
  • Hotels and Commercial Catering

1. Welfare or Non commercial services- The main objective of these organisations is not to make profit. These organisations do social welfare work, offer free food to people, exampleat workplaces, armed forces, in schools, in supplementary feeding programmes implemented by the government, for sick people in hospitals. Many industries provide free food to their employees or provide food at vey low price. Caterers/ managers of these services may be given limited budgets within which they are required to successfully manage the operations. In such establishments, the service is not available to the public, but only to the members of the institution/ organisation for which the service is operated.

2. Commercial Services- The main objective of these organisations is to make profit. Such services are open to
the public for use. They sell food and beverages, examplehotel, restaurant, fast food service, snack bars etc. They are the major contributors of foreign exchange in the country because tourism industry brings money into the country in exchange of its services. 

Q2. Nikhil wants to become a Food Service Manager. Which qualities should he have for this career?


  • Knowledge of menu planning, food selection, preparation and service, equipment required.
  • Organisational and managerial skills.
  • Ensure that sanitation and hygiene are optimal.
  • Have an adequate system of cost control.
  • Wisely utilize space for the physical layout of the unit.
  • Ensure appropriate waste management practices and procedures are used.
  • The entire operation should be environment friendly to the extent possible.

Q3. Ram has to open his own small restaurant. Motivate him to prepare an appropriate menu by telling him two functions, three advantages and three points of view about menu planning.


Functions of a menu –

  • Inform the customer/ consumer about what is available.
  • Inform the catering staff about what is to be prepared.

Advantages of Menu planning –

  • Is labour saving
  • Is time saving
  • Is cost effective

Three points of view about Menu planning –

  • The customer gets value for money in terms of the quantity of food served, variety and the palatability as well as the way the food is served.
  • The employees who have to translate the written menu into the actual food products.
  • The management who gets satisfaction in terms of profit, good reputation, satisfied customers who will come back to the establishment. The menu creates an image which also reflects the overall style of the restaurant. Attractive well designed menus help to promote sales and can be a means of advertising.

Q4. Seema wants to work in Food service industry. Inform her the necessary skills required in this field.


  • Should have interest in food. Regular update of trends in national and international cuisines should be there.
  • Should have the ability to have a good focus on quality, production, sanitation and food cost controls
  • Should have the ability to establish, maintain and enforce consistently high performance standards.
  • Should be friendly and outgoing person.
  • Good communication skills, both verbally and in writing, with interaction skills should be there
  • Should have good organising abilities.
  • Person himself should be pleasant, cheerful and energetic.
  • Should know multi-languages.
  • Should have the ability to be on his feet for long hours.

Long Answer Questions (5 marks)

Q1. Food service systems are of how many types? Briefly explain each of them.

Ans. Food service systems are of four types. They are as follows

  • Conventional food service system – In this, food is prepared in a kitchen on the premises where the food is to be served. After food preparation, it is immediately served too like in restaurant, hostel, hospital.
  • Commissary food service system – In this system, food is prepared centrally at one place, but it is distributed to several remote areas of final preparation and service. like – chains of restaurants (Cafe Coffee Day, Barista).
  • Ready – prepared food service system – In this system, food items are prepared well in advance before the time of service and kept forzen till they are to be used so that they do not spoil. like – paranthas, samosas, cutlets, french fries etc.
  • Assembly – service system – In this system, fully prepared foods are purchased from manufacturers and only finishing processes such as seasoning, thawing, reheating is done at the place of service. These operations require minimal cooking at the point of service. like – panipuri, bhelpuri etc.

Q2. Your friend wants to make a career in Catering and Food Service Management. Guide her about all the career options.

Ans. Careers in Catering and Food Service Industry –

  • Food Service Supervisor
  • Cafetaria Manager
  • Food Service Director
  • Opening independent restaurant
  • Executive Chef
  • Catering services in institutions
  • Catering in amusement parks
  • Catering in parties and functions
  • Supplying nutritionally modified healthy foods
  • Job in air, train, cruise ships.

We hope that Class 12 Home Science Chapter 4 (Catering and Food Service Management) Important Questions in English helped you. If you have any queries about class 12 Home Science Chapter 4 (Catering and Food Service Management) Important Questions in English or about any other notes of class 12 Home Science in English, so you can comment below. We will reach you as soon as possible…

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