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Chapter – 15

Hospitality Management

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Class 12 Home Science Chapter 15 (Hospitality Management) in English. These Important Questions are useful for the students who are going to appear in class 12 board exams.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
SubjectHome Science
Chapter no.Chapter 15
Chapter Name(Hospitality Management)
CategoryClass 12 Home Science Important Questions in English
Class 12 Home Science Chapter 15 Hospitality Management Questions in English

Chapter 15 Hospitality Management

Very Short Answer Question (1 Mark)

Q1. In Indian culture guests are regarded a ‘God-like’, write the words which imply this treatment?

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Ans. In Indian culture guests are regarded as God likes and treated accordingly as implied in the words “Atithi Devo Bhava.”

Q2. How does a resort attract the tourists?

Ans. A resort is known for its leisure attraction.

  • It offers a broad range of amenities & sports activities.
  • It gives total vacation experience.

Q3. Which activities are included in pre-arrival stage of a ‘Guest cycle’?

Ans. The activities done in the pre-arrival stage include:

  • quoting rates to the guests.
  • reserving a room as a part of central reservation system.

Q4. What is the duty of a bell-boy in a hotel?

Ans. A bell boy is responsible for shifting of baggage of guests, within and out of the room.

Short Answer Questions (2 Marks)

Q1. What are the responsibilities of a Front Office Supervisor?

Ans. The responsibilities of a front office Supervisor are as follows.

  • Meets and greets all arrivals.
  • Is responsible for a shift.
  • Ensures accurate and speedy rooming procedure.
  • Checks occupancy.

Q2. How is environmental conservation being encouraged in the hospitality industry?


  • Hotel staff is trained for eco-friendly practices.
  • 100% organic cotton bed sheets are used.
  • Chemical free laundry cycles are encouraged.
  • Use of energy efficient light bulbs.

Q3. Write four stage of Guest-Cycle?


  • Pre-arrival
  • Arrival
  • Occupancy
  • Departure

Q4. Which departments come under Support Service department.

Ans. Following departments come under Support Service department.

  • Finance and account’s department.
  • Engineering department.
  • Human resource department.
  • Sales and marketing department.

Short Answer Questions (3 Marks)

Q1. Hospitality Industry has grown to provide. ‘A Home Away from Home.’ Why is this industry one of the fastest growing Industry?

Ans. This industry is growing fast due to the following reasons.

  • People travel for pilgrimage and to visit holy places.
  • People Travel to different countries for business purposes.
  • Medical tourism is also an upcoming field as people travel to seek health care.
  • Students also travel to different countries for studying.
  • Some people travel to visit heritage monuments and wild life.
  • People also travel to various places for experiencing different cultures.

For all the above reasons people need comforts and facilities similar to what they get at home.

Q2. The front office staff coordinates with various department for providing services to guests. Name these departments.


  • Transport department.
  • Accounts and billing department.
  • Engineering department.
  • Housekeeping department.

Q3. List the main functions of Housekeeping department?


  • Cleaning of public areas and guestrooms
  • Supply, upkeep of laundry.
  • Exchange of various linen and uniforms.
  • Internal flower arrangement and maintenance of external landscape or garden.
  • Coordination and communication with other departments such as front office restaurants, engineering, accounts etc, through control desk.
  • Pest-control.

Long Answer Questions (4 Marks)

Q1. Explain the meaning and functioning of kitchen in a hotel?

Ans. Kitchens – It is a place where food is prepared. In large hotels the kitchen may be divided into various sections and has many workers.

Functioning of a kitchen –

  • The executive chef (Chef-de-cuisine) is the head of the kitchen responsible for planning, organising, and controlling the kitchen operations.
  • The next is deputy chef.
  • There are supervisors for some sections of the kitchen called “Chef-de-parties’.
  • Then there are number of cooks who make the food items
  • Kitchen Stewarding is concerned with the storage, maintenance, cleanliness and issue of cutlery, crockery and glass ware.
  • This department may have an executive kitchen steward, kitchen steward, dishwasher, pot washer and utility workers to clean the kitchen.

Q2. Write about any four establishments which provide hospitality services.

Ans. Hospitality – Hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host. It is the act/ practice of being hospitable including friendly generous reception /welcoming of guest their entertainment and providing services with warmth and courteousness. Different type of establishments which offer hospitality services are

  • Hotel- A hotel is a commercial establishment offering lodging, meals and other services to its guests.
  • Motel- A motel provides services like a hotel and provides parking facility near the room or a room door that opens out into the parking lot.
  • Lodge- A Lodge offers rented accommodation especially for sleeping and may not offer food and other services.
  • Resort- It offers a broad range of amenities, sports facilities

Long Answer question (5 marks)

Q1. What are the essential competencies required to work in hospitality industry?

Ans. Essential Competences Required to Work in this Industry

  • The person should be qualified in this field.
  • The staff needs to be well groomed, have good hygiene, orderliness good manners and etiquettes besides smiling face.
  • The front office staff should be cheerful, self-disciplined courteous physically fit, self confident and should have good communication skills
  • The staff should wear clean and neatly ironed uniform, minimum accessories and well groomed hair.
  • Nails should be clean and properly manicured.
  • The front office staff must be seen at their best at all times as they not only present their good image but also of the establishment.
  • There are various catering and hospitality management courses offered across the country these include certificate causes, diploma and degree courses.

Q2. What are the career opportunities available in the field of Hospitality industry?


  • Position in housekeeping departments at various hierarchical levels.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities in house keeping.
  • Positions in front office and reception / control desk.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities for supply of flower arrangements.
  • As a interior decorator.

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