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Chapter – 5


In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Class 11 Political Science Chapter 5 (Rights) in English. These Important Questions are useful for the students who are going to appear in class 11 board exams.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 11
SubjectPolitical Science
Chapter no.Chapter 5
Chapter Name(Rights)
CategoryClass 11 Political Science Important Questions in English
Class 11 Political Science Chapter 5 Rights Important Questions in English

Chapter 5 Rights

One Mark Questions

Q1. What is a right?

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Ans. A right is a demand or claim made by a person, which the society accepts and the state recognizes, taking public welfare into consideration, then that demand becomes a ‘right’.

Q2. Why are rights important?

Ans. Right signifies those things and others consider it important and necessary to live a life of honor and dignity.

Q3. Where did political theorists state the origins of rights in the 17th and 18th centuries?

Ans. In the 17th and 18th centuries, political theory used to argue that for us rights are nature or God.

Q4. In recent years, which “right-world” is being used more than the word natural rights?

Ans. In recent years, the term ‘human rights’ is being used more than the word natural rights.

Q5. What is the “core belief” behind human rights?

Ans. The basic belief behind human rigths is that all people, being mere human beings, possess certain things as water. Every human being as a human being is of specific and equal importance.

Q6. Who has created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Ans. The United Nations has created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Q7. When is World Human Rights Day celebrated?

Ans. Every year on 10th December.

Q8. What is the importance of rights in human life?

Ans. Rights are very important for the all round development of human beings.

Q9. What are the rights described in the Constitution of India?

Ans. The rights mentioned in the Constitution of India are called “Fundamental Rights”.

Q10. Why is the right to education to called a universal right of an individual?

Ans. Because education helps in ithe development of all areas of the person, this right is called universal right.

Q11. What do you understand by duty?

Ans. Responsibilities played in lieu of obtaining rights are called duties.

Q12. Write a distinction between fundamental rights and natural rights.

Ans. Fundamental rights are conferred by the constitution while natural rights are derived from birth.

Q13. What are the types of duties? Write the name

Ans. The duties are mainly of two types:- (i) moral duty, (ii) legal duty

Q14. Name two moral duties?

Ans. Moral duties are:- (i) obeying social norms, (ii) caring for the elderly

Two Marks Questions

Q1. What rights are included in political rights?


  • Vote
  • to be elected

Q2. Explain any two measures for protection of rights.


  • by state
  • by the independent judiciary

Q3. Write any two duties of the citizen towards the state.


  • Respect for the Constitution
  • Cooperation in maintaining law and order

Q4. What are the economic rights of a citizen?


  • Right to choose business, work
  • Right to keep property

Four Marks Questions

Q1. Duty and authority are two sides of the same coin. Do you agree with this statement? Explain

Ans. Close Relation of Rights and Duties:- Rights cannot fulfill a person’s personality unless the person performs his duties towards the society, Duty is an obligation which gives freedom to others to exercise their rights.

Q2. Describe any four political rights of citizens.

Ans. Right to vote, right to contest elections and right to form political party.

Q3. Rights impose certain limits on state power? Explain by giving examples.

Ans. State cannot infringe on rights. Public interest should be taken care of by the state because it is the people who choose the government in democratic countries. Rights only give the state the esponsibility to act in certain ways. Rights ensure that states act without violating the dignity of life and liberty of the individual.

Five Marks Questions

Q1. Look at the following picture and read the conversation and answer the questions below.

(i) What right is the above picture claiming?

Ans. Right to information

(ii) What does a person feel hurt due to delay in any work in the society? Who gives him relief?

Ans. Insecure and helpless, judiciary.

(iii) What is the right to information?

Ans. To obtain information and data on any subject, in case of doubt / doubt.

Six Marks Questions

Q1. What is duty? Mention the duty of a good citizen.

Ans. Duties are obligations. Duties we perform towards others, which leads to the development of society.


  • keeping body, mind clean
  • education,
  • service to parents,
  • devotion to the nation,
  • security of the country,
  • national flag and dignity of the national anthem.

Q2. What are the types of right? Explain by giving examples.


  • Natural – Life, Freedom
  • Ethical – Service to paranets, Education of children
  • Legal – Fundamental, Social, Economic, Political

Q3. What is the relationship between rights and duties?

Ans. Deeply connected, who sides of the same coin, rights cannot apply without duty.

Q4. Write the difference between right and claims?


  • Not all claims are rights but all rights are claims.
  • Rights are claims that are recognized by the state, all claims are recognized by the state.
  • Claims – Not guaranteed by the constitution of the state. Fundamental rights – Guaranteed by the constitution of the state.

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