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Chapter – 4

Social Justice

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Class 11 Political Science Chapter 4 (Social Justice) in English. These Important Questions are useful for the students who are going to appear in class 11 board exams.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 11
SubjectPolitical Science
Chapter no.Chapter 4
Chapter Name(Social Justice)
CategoryClass 11 Political Science Important Questions in English
Class 11 Political Science Chapter 4 Social Justice Important Questions in English

Chapter 4 Social Justice

One Mark Questions

Q1. What was the concept of justice in ancient Indian society?

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Ans. In ancient Indian society, justice was associated with religion and it was the duty of the king to maintain a just social order.

Q2. Explain the meaning of justice in simple terms.

Ans. In simple words, justice means that every person is given his due share.

Q3. What can be a way to promote justice?

Ans. The principle of taking care of special needs of people while distributing remuneration and duties can be considered as a way of promoting justice.

Q4. What is the meaning of equal treatment towards the same people?

Ans. Equal treatment toward people means that people should not be discriminated against on the basis of class, caste, race or gender. If two persons of different classes do the same work then they should get equal remuneration.

Q5. The concept of minimum requirements was introduced in which five-year plan?

Ans. The concept of minimum requirements was introduced in the Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-1979).

Q6. What was the name of the movement which went against the proposal of reservation in government jobs?

Ans. Mandal Commission Anti Movement – 1991

Q7. Which Indian philosopher’s contribution to the establishment of social justice in India is paramount?

Ans. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Q8. What is the meaning of ‘Just distribution’?

Ans. Full sharing of justice means fair distribution of goods and services among the people.

Q9. What are the basic requirements for a person’s life?

Ans. Basic requirements for the life of an individual – Food, housing, supply of pure drinking water, education, health and minimum essential resources are necessary.

Q10. Due to lack of access to basic necessities in India, which communities have been provided reservation in governnment jobs and educational institutions?

Ans. Due to lack of access to basic requirements in India, reservation was made for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes.

Two Marks Questions

Q1. Justice __________ and ___________ are harmonized.

Ans. Individual rights, social rights.

Q2. Explain the meaning of “veil of ignorance” of rawls.

Ans. Let us imagine ourselves to be in a situation where we have to decide how to organize the society and at the same time do not know what our place in the society will be, then we will take such a decision which would be beneficial for us and everyone impartially.

Q3. Explain the relation between equality and social justice.

Ans. There is a close relationship between the two. Equality is established by social justice and social justice is established by equality.

Q4. What is meant by Just Distribution?

Ans. Social justice is related to equitable distribution of goods and services. This distribution takes place among different groups of people in the society, so that they can get equal ground to live.

Q5. What is expected from the concept of a just society?

Ans. A just society should provide minimum basic conditions for the people, so that they can develop their talent through equal opportunities with a healthy and safe life.

Q6. What facilities have UN units calculated to have minimum requirements?

Ans. Food, pure water, housing, income and education.

Q7. What is meant by free market?

Ans. Supporters of the free market are in favor of open rivalry. In order to earn property for the person, in terms br wages in value, the individual has to be free.

Four Marks Questions

Q1. ‘Justice delayed’ is justice denied. Explain the meaning of this sentence.

Ans. The delay in Justice is really dark, because if the victim keeps wandering from justice to justice for a long time, then his mistrust in justice starts to rise. Sometimes the victim goes out of the world to expect justice.

Q2. Justice is a complete process in itself, yet why special emphasis has been laid on social justice in India?

Ans. Due to long-standing caste differences, the process of justice has been affected somewhere. Justice should be done only with this social fabric in mind.

Q3. Give arguments in favor opposition to free market.


  • Pros:- The market Clqes not care about the caste, religion or gender of the person. The market only cares abdut the ability and skill of the person.
  • Cons:- The free market tends to work in the interest of the powerful and influential people. The impact of which may not be denied to the opportunities for the disadvantaged.

Q4. How has the meaning of giving everyone attainable changed over time?

Ans. The needs of the person have also changed due to changing times and circumstances. Globalization and expansion of technology has brought great changes in the life of a person. Accordingly, the needs of every sphere of life have also increased.

Q5. Write the views of German philosopher Emmanuel in relation to justice.

Ans. According to Emanuel Kant, every person has dignity, so the attainment of every person will be that they get equal opportunities for the development of their talent and the achievement of the goal.

Five Marks Questions

Q1. Answer the following questions based on the cartoon.

(i) What does justice mean?

Ans. Every person should get a fair share of it and should get equal opportunities to develop his talent. People who are not equal in some important contexts should be treated differently.

(ii) What does special needs signify?

Ans. No, it is not obstruction in the way of justice but establishment of justice. People with special needs or disability may be considered unequal and deserving of special assistance in certain cases. Lack of access to basic facilities caste-based social discrimination. Being attached to the Constitution of India, there is a provision of reservation in government jobs in educational institutions.

Six Marks Questions

Q1. Highlight three principles to be applied by the government for the establishment of social justice.


  • Equal treatment among equal people and provision of minimum life requirements and opportunities for the needy.
  • Recognizing the skills (proportional justice) various efforts while deciding benefits.
  • Special care for special needs:- People who are not equal in some important contexts, should be treated differently by giving them special attention.

Q2. Explain Rawls’s theory of justice.

Ans. Rawls has given the principle of “veil of ignorance” to achieve justice. If it is decided in ignorance what should be the justice in society, what should be the facilities for which class, then the person is the weakest or lower class. We will also choose the best policy for this, because he will not know where in which society he will have his place.

Q3. What does free market versus state intervention mean? Explain in detail.

Ans. The proponents of free market are opposed to the interference of the state and in favor of open competition. According to them, it will give good results to those equipped with merit and talent, while the disabled will gain less.

Q4. Describe in detail the various dimensions of justice.

Ans. Different dimensions of justice:-

  • Legal Justice:- It is a narrow concept of justice and exists in the society as a legal process. The Court of Law interprets the law and enacts it after hearing the opposition from the litigants involved lin the dispute. Here, justice, the law is administered by the court and the interpretation of the judge is considered as a symbol of justice.
  • Political Justice:- In any democratic society, political justice means the promotion of equal political rights. Political justice is for the free and fair participation of people in the political arena. Universal Adult Franchise is an expression of political justice. In public offices, equal opportunity to be elected is the freedom of expression and freedom to form a union are important pillars of political justice.
  • Social Justice:- It means the elimination of all kinds of social inequalities and ensuring the opportunity for the development of a personality to every citizen in all walks of life, ensuring social security and provision of equal political rights.The concept of Social Justice is based on the belief that all human beings are equal and they should not be discriminated on the basis of caste, religion, sex and place of birth.
  • Economic Justice:- It means to provide equal opportunity for everyone to live. It also means helping people who are not able to work and earn their livelihood in today’s world . The basic needs of every person such as food, clothing, shelter and education should be fulfilled. It assures adequate means of livelihood through provisions like equal pay for equal work, equal economic opportunity, proper distribution of resources etc. While the concept of political justice is closely associated with the idea of freedom, economic and legal justice deals with ‘equality’ and social justice with ‘fraternity’. The combination of all these will help in achieving the four dimensions of justice.

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