Political Theory: An Introduction (CH-1) Important Questions in English || Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 in English ||

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Chapter – 1

Political Theory: An Introduction

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 (Political Theory: An Introduction) in English. These Important Questions are useful for the students who are going to appear in class 11 board exams.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 11
SubjectPolitical Science
Chapter no.Chapter 1
Chapter Name(Political Theory: An Introduction)
CategoryClass 11 Political Science Important Questions in English
Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 Political Theory: An Introduction Important Questions in English

Chapter 1 Political Theory: An Introduction

One Mark Questions

Q1. Explain what is political theory?

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Ans. Political theory reflects the systematic form of ideas and policies that have shaped our social life, government and constitution.

Q2. Which subject is highlighted in Gandhiji’s book, Hind Swaraj?

Ans. Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule is a book written by Mohandas K. Gandhi in 1909. In it he expresses his views on Swaraj, modern civilization, mechanisation, among other matters. In the book, Gandhi repudiates European civilization while expressing loyalty to higher ideals of empire (“moral empire”).

Q3. What is the ideology of ordinary people regarding politics?

Ans. Common people do not consider politics to be good.

Q4. Write a difference between political science and politics.

Ans. Political science is based on certain ideals while politics is based on opportunity and opportunism.

Q5. Why should we study political theory?

Ans. This leads to knowledge of political rules / principles, equality, freedom and democracy, which is essential for democracy .

Q6. What is the main theme of political theory?

Ans. State government .

Q7. What is politics? Mark the correct from the following.

  • Politics is the art of governing.
  • Politics presents a solution to administrative governance disputes.
  • Politics is related to public welfare.
  • All of the above.

Ans. All of the above.

Two Marks Questions

Q1. Explain the meaning of politics.

Ans. The word politics derives from the Greek word ‘polis’. Which literally means ‘city state’.

Q2. Explain any two areas of political theory.


  • Study of state and government.
  • Study of power and ideologies.

Q3. Write the names of any four political scholars.

Ans. Aristotle, Plato, Russo, Kautilya, Karl Marx and Dr. Ambedkar.

Q4. What aspects of life do we study in political theory?

Ans. In Political Theory mainly studies social life, government and constitution, freedom, justice, democracy, secularism etc.

Q5. Why should we study political theory? Write any two reasons.


  • For information about governance.
  • To understand the rights and duties.

Four Marks Questions

Q1. ‘Politics is science as well, not even’. Explain this fact.


  • Political Science is Science – Scholars who consider political science as science argue that science is a systematic knowledge and political science is also studied in a systematic way. It is possible to use in it, it has the ability to predict and can be used as a laboratory of history and the whole world .
  • Political Science is not Science :- Those who do not consider it a science, say that the principles of political science are not clear, but despite the same reasons in politics, it is not possible to use it in political science. It also has no real laboratory. The scientific method cannot be adopted in its study.

Q2. Political principles are essential for the successful running of a democratic government in a country. How?

Ans. Political theory discusses those ideas On the basis of which political institutions are formed. Political theories explain the differences between different religions. It explains the meaning of concepts like equality and freedom.

Q3. Politics affects man’s daily life step by step! Explain.

Ans. In the daily life, the person is seen struggling for freedom and equality at every step, for example, water has to be filled on the public drains even if it is equally about entering the temple.

Six Marks Questions

Q1. What do we study in political theory?

Ans. In political theory, we study the changes, movements, development and various types of governance in the society and other reasons.

Q2. Write down the features of political theory.

Ans. Freedom, equality, renunciation of prejudices, development of country, guidance of all-round development of the individual, etc.

Q3. Why should we read political theory? Explain.


  • To create awareness.
  • To prepare successful solvers of future problems.
  • To establish unity in the society.
  • Preparation for rational decision making etc.

Q4. Political theory is very relevant in solving questions related to equality and freedom”. How? Prove it with logic.

Ans. Political theory offers simple and easy answers to questions related to freedom and equality.It provides the example of the development and civilization of the entire human society, and suggests the path to becoming a civilized human being and shows the consequences of going the wrong path .

It shows the way to end slavery and failure from all over the world through the story of prosperity and success of a nation adopting freedom and equality.

We hope that Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 (Political Theory: An Introduction) Important Questions in English helped you. If you have any queries about class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 (Political Theory: An Introduction) Important Questions in English or about any other notes of class 11 Political Science in English, so you can comment below. We will reach you as soon as possible…

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