The Browning Version || Important Questions || Class 11 English Hornbill Prose || Chapter 6

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Chapter – 6

The Browning Version

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of the chapter 6 “The Browning Version”. It is the 6th chapter of the prose of Class 11th English.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 11
SubjectEnglish Hornbill
Chapter no.Chapter 6
Chapter NameThe Browning Version
CategoryClass 11 English Important Questions
Class 11 English Ch 6 The Browning Version Important Questions

Short Answer Questions

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Q.1. Why did Gocker-Harris not disclose the results like the other teachers?

Ans. It was a rule that results would be announced by the headmaster alone. The other teachers didn’t care for this rule. But Gocker-Harris was a man of principles. He never disclosed the results like the other teachers.

Q.2. Who was Millie? What did she tell Taplow?

Ans. Millie was Mr., Crocker’s wife. She total Taplow that her husband was at the Bursar’s’s. It could take him a lot of time. Thus she told him indirectly that he could go and play.

Q.3. Why doesn’t Taplow agree with Frank in calling Cracker a “Sadist”?

Ans. Frank calls cracker a radist because he gets after his students. But Taplow says after he understands he meaning of the word ‘sadist’ that cracker was much more than that. He was a feelingness person who was like a shrivelled-up nut. He hated to be liked and behaved in a strange manner with his students.

Q.4. Where did Taplow meet Frank?

Ans. Taplow had been asked to do some extra work by Mr. Cracker Harris. He was waiting for the teacher in the school. Frank also came there and met Taplow.

Q.5. What is Taplow’s attitude towards Mr. Crocker Harris?

Ans. Taplow is respectful towards Mr. Crocker Harris and likes him even though he is afrid of him, and dare not cut the extra work even on the last day of the term.

Q.6. What do you gather about Mr. Frank from the play?

Ans. Mr. Frank is a young science teacher. He does n’t like the subject the teaches. He also admits that he tells the results to the students before it is officially announced by the head master. He feels envious of cracker Harris because Taplow likes him.

Q.7. What subjects does Taplow want to opt for? Why?

Ans. Taplow feels if his grades are good, he would opt for science. He feels science is more interesting than the study of classics.,

Q.8. How does Taplow react to Millie’s arrival?

Ans. Taplow is nervous. He is unable to control his emotions and whispers to Frank if he thinks she has heard their conversation. Taplow feels that if she tells Mr. Crocker Harris, he would lost his form.

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