The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role || Important Questions || Class 11 English Hornbill Prose || Chapter 5

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Chapter – 5

The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of the chapter 5 “The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role”. It is the 5th chapter of the prose of Class 11th English.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 11
SubjectEnglish Hornbill
Chapter no.Chapter 5
Chapter NameThe Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role
CategoryClass 11 English Important Questions
Class 11 English Ch 5 The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role Important Questions

Short Answer Questions

Q.1. What is meant by sustainable development? When did this concept become popular?

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Ans. Sustainable development means development that meets the needs of the present but doesn’t affect the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This concept became popular in 1987.

Q.2. The writer says, “What goes under the pot now costs more than what goes inside it.” What is meant by this?

Ans. In poor countries, people cut down trees for firewood. As a result, there is shortage of firewood. It has become very expensive. That is why the author says “What goes under the pot costs more than what goes inside it”.

Q.3. What are the facts that support the title, “The Ailing Planet ……”.

Ans. The planet on which we live is, indeed, ailing. Its grasslands, croplands, forests and fisheries have been destroyed. Many of its species have been almost become extinct. The land, rivers and seas have been polluted. The fertility of soil has gone down. All natural resources have depleted badly. Hence, it is, indeed, an ailing planet.

Q.4. What does the notice “The world’s most dangerous animal’ at a cage in the zoo at Lusaka, Zambia Signify?

Ans. There is no animal in the cage but a mirror where one can see oneself. It makes one realise that the world’s most dangerous animal is none but man himself which is very true. Man has destroyed forests, fisheries, grasslands and croplands. He has made many species almost extinct. Thus the mirror in the cage signifies man’s cruelty and

Long Answers Type Questions

Q.5. “We have not inherited the earth from our forefathers : We borrowed it from our children” Discuss.

Ans. This earth supplies all our needs. But we don’t have a freehold on it. We are not its masters. We have not inherited it from out forefathers. Rather, we have borrowed it from our children we have to give it back to them in good form. We should take from it as much as we can give back to it.

Q.6. Why is development called the best contraceptive?

Ans. When there is development, income rises, education spreads, and health improves. It means enlightened population which understands the value of small families. Thus, development is called the best contraceptive.

Q.7. Do you think element at Coercion is essential for family planning?

Ans. Human beings should not be treated like cattle. They should not be sterilized compulsorily like cattle they should be encouraged to adopt family planning voluntarily. There should be no element to coercion.

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