The Portrait of a Lady || Important Questions || Class 11 English Hornbill Prose || Chapter 1

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Chapter – 1

The Portrait of a Lady

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of the chapter 1 “The Portrait of a Lady”. It is the 1st chapter of the prose of Class 11th English.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 11
SubjectEnglish Hornbill
Chapter no.Chapter 1
Chapter NameThe Portrait of a Lady
CategoryClass 11 English Important Questions
Class 11 English Ch 1 The Portrait of a Lady Important Questions

Short answer Type

Q.1. How did the grandmother spend her whole day?

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Ans. The grand mother spend her whole day by getting her grandson ready for the school, making chapattis for him and dropping him to school. Besides, she always remained busy in reciting prayers and telling the beads of her rosary.

Q.2. Why was the grandmother so disturbed when the narrator started gong to the city school?

Ans. The grandmother was a religious lady who loved to read scriptures and tell the beads of the rosary. When her grandson told her about the subjects being taught at school. She felt offended and reacted strangely. According to her music was a monopoly of harlots and beggars.

Q.3. How did the sparrows express their sorrow when the author’s grandmother died?

Ans. Author’s grandmother was very fond of feeding sparrows with beads crumbs. When the grandmother died, the sparrows did not take notice of bread crumbs and flew away without eating them. In this way, they expressed their sorrow at her death.

Q.4. How did the author’s grandmother behave just before her death?

Ans. The author’s grandmother had got a fair enough idea bout her upcoming death. Therefore, she decided not to waste even a single second while talking to her relatives but reciting the prayers and telling the beads of her rosary. She gave a clear signal to her family that she was no longer interested in talking to them.

Q.5. Why did the grandmother hate music?

Ans. Grandmother considered that music was indecent and was meant only for harlots and beggars. It was not meant for gentle folk or school children from respectable families.


Long Answers Type Questions

Q.6. Why was it hard to believe that the author’s grandmother was young and pretty?

Ans. It was hard to believe that the author’s grandmother was young and pretty because she author, as a young boy, had always seen her as an old lady. She was short statured and wrinkled all over. She had a quiet personality whom everybody respected. So, to imagine her as a young and a pretty girl was a revolting thought for the author.

Q.7. Why was the grand mother dissatisfied with the city’s education?

Ans. The grand mother was dissatisfied with the city’s education because they never taught about the scriptures and God. The teachers taught science, the law of gravity etc. which was not of much importance to her.

Q.8. What was the turning point in the author’s and the grandmother’s relationship?

Ans. The author had to be sent to a big city for education. This was the turning point in his and the grandmother’s relationship. The author began to receive education in a English medium school. The grandmother could not assist him with his assignment and therefore, became withdrawn. She began to feel lonely and fed sparrows in her
past time.

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