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Chapter – 1

Planning in Sports

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 1 (Planning in Sports) in English. These Important Questions are useful for the students who are going to appear in class 12 board exams.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
SubjectPhysical Education
Chapter no.Chapter 1
Chapter Name(Planning in Sports)
CategoryClass 12 Physical Education Important Questions in English
Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 1 Planning in Sports Important Questions in English

Very Short Questions Answer (1 Marks)

Q.1 What do you mean by planning or explain the meaning of planning.
Ans. It is a predicate process which explain the organization of work administration of work delegation work & supervision of work in detail.

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Q.2 What do you understand the term bye or what is bye.
Ans. When the total no of teams are not in power of two (i.e.2,4,8,16,32,64) then byes are given to some team. Those teams get the bye they do not play in 1st round they directly play in the 2nd round.

Q.3. What is seeding or what do you understan by seeding or special seeding.
Ans. Seeding is a special advantage given to last year winner & runner up team or to the good teams of the Tournament with the help of seeding teams can be directly entered in to any round except the final round seeding always given in form of power of two i.e. (2,4,8,16,32).

Q.4. What are the knock out tournament or what do you understand by knock out tournaments.
Ans. In these types of tournaments after loosing 1st match the team gets eliminated from the tournament in the knock out tournament a team will be continue in the tournament until it does not loose any match.

Q.5 What are the league tournament or what are the round robin tournament.
Ans. In these type of tournament all the teams of the tournament will play with each other on the basis of result of all matches the winner & runners up are decided they are of two type.

  • Single league
  • Dubble league.

Q.6 What are the combination tournament or what do you understand by combination tournament.
Ans. In these types of tournament initial rounds are played on the basis of specific types i.e. knock out or league and rest of the rounds these tournaments are following types.

  • 1. Knock out cum knock out
  • 2. League cum league
  • 3. Knock out cum league
  • 4. League cum knock out

Q.7. What is the aim of intramural tournament.
Ans. Over all development of child is the aim of the intramural tournnament.

Q.8 What is tournament.
Ans. Tournament is a series of matches organized to find out the best team in a particular sports.

Q.9. Enlist various types of tournament.
Ans. There are four types of tournament.

  • Knock out tournament.
  • League tournament.
  • Combination tournament
  • Challenge tournament.

Q.10. Define intramurals
Ans. Intramurals :- Games played inside the school are called intramural most of the students of the school participate in it
example :- House completion school athletic meet.

Q.11. Define Extramural
Ans. Games played outside the school in any other institution only selected students from school participate in it.

Q.12. Define Fixture
Ans. The organized method in which team participate in a fixed order and one team is declared winner at the end.

Short Question Answer (3 Marks)

Q.1 What are the objectives of the planning or explain the objectives of the plainning.
Ans. Objectives of planning are following

  • 1. To create good coordination.
  • 2. To keep good control
  • 3. To reduce unnecessary pressure of immediacy
  • 4. To minimize the chances of mistake
  • 5. To avoid wastage of money, time & resources
  • 6. To utilize the resources effectively economically
  • 7. To improve the effectiveness of the organization.

Q.2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the knock out tournament.


  • Results comes early
  • Requirement of funds are less
  • Requirment of equipment & officials are less
  • Competition will be intense due to the year of elimination.


  • It may be possible that stronger team being matched together in early round & get eliminated in the early round that can lose the charm of the tournament.
  • It may be possible that weak team got the position in the tournament.
  • Due to the fear of elimination players play with the fear which is not good for his health & sports performance.
  • Talented players some time are not selected due to elimination of there team in early round.

Q.3 What are the advantage & disadvantages of league or round robin tournament.


Write down the merits demerits of the league tournament.


1. Only real player/ team has best potential will be the winner of the tournament.
2. Charm of the tournament still maintained thought out the tournament.
3. Good team/ player will continues though out the tournament so the chance of selection of good players is still alive.

1. Funds are required more
2. Time are required more
3. Result come late
4. Officials & gournd realized more
5. Equipments are realized more.

Q.4 What are the objective of intramural tournaments of explains the need of intramural.
Ans. Objectives

  • Physical development
  • Mutual development
  • Social development
  • To develop good hardships quality
  • To recreate the child
  • To control egression
  • To provide platform to show himself
  • To in case the souse of competitions
  • To develop the qualities of a good header
  • To give the knowledge of the rules of various game
  • To find out the talented sport man
  • To develop good personality.

Q.5. What are the objectives of the intramural tournament or need of intramural tournament.
Ans. Objective

  • Physical development
  • Mental development
  • Social development
  • To provide knowledge of latest rules regulation of the game
  • To develop good personality.
  • To realize the actual level of the personality (sports man)
  • To development leadership quality
  • To find talented sports persons.
  • To provide recreation.
  • To develop opportunities for mass – participation.

Q.6 Write down the activities for the intramural tournament.

  • Major games :- hockey, football, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc.
  • Minor games :- Shuttle run, sag race, triple leg race, Lemon race etc.
  • Rhythmic Games :- P.T. Lazium, dumbal, dance etc.
  • Creative games :- drawing, painting.
  • Combat games :- Judo, Wrestling, boxing etc.

Q.7 Write down the importance of the extramural tournament.


Write down the importance of the extramural tournament


  • Help in the physical development.
  • Help in the mental development.
  • Help in the social development.
  • Help in the personality development.
  • Reduce the level stress anxiety.
  • Develop in leadership qualities.
  • Understand the Rules and Regulations of various games.
  • Help to control the level of aggression in an individual.
  • Help for recreation of children.
  • Help for develop the sense of competitiveness

Q.8 Explain the staircase method of league tournament and draw the fixture of 12 teams in staircase methods.
Ans. Stair case method :- in stair case method the fixture are made just like a ladder or a stair case in this method no bye is given to any team and there is no problem of even or add number of teams.

Q9. Write specifying calculation prepare cyclic fixture for 9 teams.

Total Number of team = 9
Total Number of Match


Q.10 What is the difference between Bye and Seeding?



  • Given to only winner, runner-up and good teams of the Tournament
  • Directly entered in to any round Round except final
  • Always given to 2,4,8,16 teams 


  • Can be given to any term
  • Can be entered only in second round
  • Can be given to any no of team it can Be calculate by next power of 2-total no. of teams.

Q.11. In a hand ball knockout tournament 12 teams took part out of which strong team like SKV No.1 Seemapur and SKV GT Road lost out in the first round. Due to the exit of these teams the player of the teams became dejected and the spectators excitement also decreased, seeing this the tournament organizers announced that they will organize a consolation tournament.

a. Why did strong teams like SKV No.1 Seelampur and SKV GT Road exit in the first round of the tournament.
b. Why did the players of the two teams became sad.
c. What values are depicted by the decision of the organizers to organize a consolation tournament.


(A) The hand ball tournament was based on knock out in which losing team goes out of tournament that is why because of losing in the first round the teams of Skv no.1 Seelampur and Skv GT Road went out of the tournament.

(B) Both teams were considered strong contenders of the tournament but because they lost in the first round the players of the teams become dejected.

(C) The organizers should the ability to understand the feeling of the player and the spectators though their a announcement this announcement would motivate player to improve their game and promote the interest of spectators.

Q.12. What is different between Intramural and Extramural.

Intramural: Games played inside the school are called intramural most of the student of the school participate in it.
Example: House competition, school athelete meet etc.

Extramural:- Games played out side the school in any other institution only chosen students from school participate in it.

Q.13. Explain the precedure (method) to fix byes.
Ans. When the total number of the teams in the tournament are not in the power of 2 then bye is given.
The method of bye is
First find the next power 2 after the number of teams.
Example :-   Total team = 11
                     Next power of 2 = 16
                     Number of bye = 16-11=05 bye

  • First bye is given to lower half bottom team
  • Second bye is given to top most team of upper half
  • Third bye is given to most team of lower half
  • Fourth bye is given to bottom team of upper half
  • Other byes are determined using this order.

Long Answer Type Question 5 Marks

Q.1 Enlist the committees for organizing sports event and explain any eight committees in detail.
Ans. Various committees are formed for systematic and smooth conduct of competition / tournament.

  • Committee for publicity.
  • Transport committee
  • Boarding and loading committee.
  • Decoration and ceremony committee
  • Grounds & equipment committee
  • Refreshments and entertainment committee
  • Reception committee
  • Committee on entries and programmers.
  • Committee for officials.
  • Announcement committee
  • First aid committee
  • Accreditation committee

1. Committee for publicity : The committee for publicity announces the date, venues and sports even advance information to the institution and printing etc. Its main responsibility is to advertise the sports events.

2. Transports committee :- This committee is responsible for providing the facilities regarding transportation of various team to the venue of sports event or to the place of boarding and loading as the case may be.

3. Boarding and loading committee :- Boarding and loading committee is responsible for making necessary arrangement
for providing accommodation and serving meals to the sports persons and officials.

4. Ground and equipment committee :- This committee is responsible for making the grounds or laying out the track and field this committee also makes necessary arrangements of equipments related to the games / athletic meet.

5. Reception committee :- The members of this committee are responsible to welcome the chief guests at the opening and closing ceremonies it is also the duty of this committee to welcome the other quests and spectators.

6. Committee for official :- This committee select various officials such as referees judges recorders starters marshals track umpires time keepers and lap scorers for athletic meet and referee umpires time keepers recorders and judges etc.

7. Announcement committee :- This committee is solely responsible for making various announcement during the sport meet or games this committee announces regarding opening and closing ceremonies.

8. First aid committee :- First aid committee is headed by a well qualified doctor this committee provide first aid to the victim or affected athlete/ sports person immediately.

Q.7 Explain the meaning of specific sport programs? Explain any four.
Ans. Specific sports programs are those programs of sports which are often not related to th competition these programs are designed with multiple objectives with their focus on the well being or an individual the aims of programme is to create awareness among the common people regarding unity & integrity prevention & protection against various diseases etc.

Specific sports programmes

  • Sports Day :- Sports day is organized in the school once in the year so that the all round development of children could be done various
    physical and recreation activities are conducted on sports day it is organized by almost each and every school on sports day every child gets ample opportunities to take part in activity of there choice. Due to these days most of students get experience as organizer as well as administrator sports day also provide opportunity to select talent for future.
  • Health Run :- These programmers are organized by health and sports department to raise the standards of health and also to raise funds for charity registration of participantss is done in advanced and day and time is fixed there is no age bar. People of any age can take part. There is no competition. These provide significant health benefits. But precautionary measures must be taken before participating i.e. proper sports kit health status of individual.
  • Run for Fun :- This is to create awareness among people to keep fit and healthy there is fun and frolic while on the run there is no competition it is commonly organized for arranging funds for charity it can be perform it in different customs different age group children like adults teenage etc.
  • Run for Unity :- This is to inculcate peace and harmony among the people of different religion of faith. Its purpose may be either national or international brotherhood many people from corporate world film stars and marathon racers form abroad take part, first three position holders get cash prize it can either be a long distance race or a realy. In relay race every participant runs a specific distance and given opportunity to the teammate to participate. So these runs bring sense of togetherness among people.

Q.3 What do you means by intramurals? Mention the significance of intramurals for school children.
Ans. The word intramural (Intra+murals) within+wall, It means that the activities which are performed within the walls or within the campus of an institution are called intramurals. These activities are organized only for the students of a school or institution. No students of other school can participate in these activities intramural competition is one of the best means to motivate. All the students of an institution for taking part in the games and sports “A games for each and each for a game “may be considered the motto of intramurals. These activities are the most pleasurable as well as enjoyable for the students they get maximum educational benefits from such competition so a large number of students must be involved in a wide range of intramurals activities.

Significance of Intramural :-

  • Intramurals are very significant for physical mental emotional and social development of students.
  • These programmes also lay stress on moral and ethical values of students.
  • Intramurals are necessary for the development of health of children.
  • These programmes are also important to calm down the fighting instinct of children.
  • These programmes refresh the childdren and make them agile.
  • Intramurals provide maximum recreation to the students.
  • Intramurals provide ample opportunities to the students to participate in game and sports.
  • Intramurals are also essential for development the leadership qualities among the students.

Q.5 Make the fixture for 13 teams on the basis of knock out.

Total no. of matches :-
Total no teams -1               13-1=12 matches
Total no of round =             2*2*2*2
Digit 2 repeats four time so no of round =    4 rounds
Total no bye :- next power of 2- total no. of team 16-13 =03
No of team is upper half =

No. of teams in lower half =

Q.6 Draw the fixture for 24 team on the basis knockout tournament
Ans. Total no matches = Total no of team -1 = 24 – 1 = 23.
Total no. round = 2*2*2*2*2
i.e. Digit 2 report 5 times                      = 5 rounds
So total no round  = 5 round

Total team in upper half = Total no of teams  = 24/2 =12 Teams

Total team in lower half = Total no of teams   = 24/2 =12 Teams

As the total no of teams are more then 16 so we have to divide teams also in quarter.
Teams in each quarter : 4 ] 24 [ 6 (Q=6)

Total No bye= next power of two-total no of team
                                                 = 32-24 = 08 byes
                  Bye in upper half = 8/2 = 4
                  Bye in lower half = 8/2 = 4

Q.7 Draw a fixture for 11 teams on knock out basic in which 2 teams are special seeding.
Ans. Total no matches = Total no of team -1      = 11-1 = 10
Total no round = 2*2*2*2
Repatriation of digit 2 is 4 time so total no round = 4 rounds
When seeding is given in fixture, one round is added
Total no bye:- next power of two –

Team in upper half =

Team in lower half =

Hear we makes 4 group each group has equal 5 teams.
Group – A1, 2,3,4,5 Group (B) – 1,2,3,4,5
Group – (C) 1,2,3,4,5 Group (D) 1,2,3,4,5

We hope that Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 1 (Planning in Sports) Important Questions in English helped you. If you have any queries about class 12 Physical Education Chapter 1 (Planning in Sports) Important Questions in English or about any other notes of class 12 Physical Education in English, so you can comment below. We will reach you as soon as possible…

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