On The Face of It || Important Questions || Class 12 English Vistas || Chapter 6

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Chapter – 6

On The Face of It

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of the Chapter 6 “On The Face of It”. It is the 6th chapter of the prose of Class 12th English.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
SubjectEnglish Flamingo
Chapter no.Chapter 6
Chapter NameOn The Face of It
CategoryClass 12 English Important Questions
Class 12 English Ch 6 On The Face of It Important Questions

Ch 6 On The Face of It

Qes 1 Who is Derry? 

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Ans. Derry is a fourteen years old boy. One side of his face is burnt due to spilling of acid. He avoids people. He thinks people talk about him, feel pity for him, some are scarred of him.

Qes 2 Who is Mr. Lamb? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb is an old man. One of his legs was blown off in war. So, He has a tin leg. He lives all alone in his house. He has a garden where he remains busy the whole day. People have spread many stories about him.

Qes 3 What physical impairment is Mr. Lamb suffering from? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb is retired from the army. In a war, he lost one of his legs. In its place, there is a tin leg now. Because of it, kids call him ‘ Lamey Lamb’. But it doesn’t trouble him.

Qes 4 Why does Derry come to Mr.Lamb’s garden? 

Ans. Derry has a burnt face. So, he avoids people and wants to stay alone. In order to find a secluded place, he jumps a wall to enter Mr. Lamb’s garden. He thinks the garden is empty.

Qes 5 What surprised Derry when he entered the garden? 

Ans. Derry thought that the garden he entered was empty. When Mr. Lamb spoke to him, he became surprised. Mr. lamb was friendly in approach. He only told Derry to mind the crab apples.

Qes 6 How does Mr. Lamb react when Derry enters his garden? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb welcomes him. He only asks him to mind the crab apples, otherwise he may slip. When Derry wants to run away from there, Mr. Lamb says that he doesn’t have to go. Everyone is welcomed to his garden.

Qes 7 Why is Mr. Lamb sitting in the garden outside his house? 2marks

Ans. Mr. lamb is an old man who lives all alone in his house. He likes anything and everything. He remains busy in his garden. His garden gate is always open for everyone.

Qes 8 How does Mr. Lamb keep himself busy when it is a bit cool? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb takes a ladder and a stick and pulls down the crab apples to make jelly.

Qes 9 Why did Mr. Lamb help Derry? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb himself was physically impaired. So, He could understand the difficulties of Derry.He was an optimist who was also kind hearted. He wanted to change Derry’s perspective of life.

Qes 10 What kind of a garden does Mr. Lamb have? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb has a garden where he plants flower plants and weeds alike. He has beehives in the garden. He has an orchard full of fruit trees.He likes his garden because he remains busy there and children come there to play.

Qes 11 What is Derry’s attitude towards Mr. Lamb? 

Ans. Initially, considering Mr. Lamb to be like other people, Derry wants to go from the garden. But hearing Mr. Lamb and his inspiring words, Derry is influenced.He starts respecting and liking Mr. Lamb. He feels that unlike other people, this man does not pity him and welcomes him in his garden. Mr. Lamb helps Derry love his life in spite of the odds in his life.

Qes 12 How does Mr. Lamb try to remove the baseless fears of Derry? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb tells Derry that like others, he has two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms, the brain and the tongue. He can achieve whatever he likes, like all the rest. He can even get better than the rest.

Qes 13 Why does Derry’s mother not want him to go back to visit Mr. Lamb? 

 Ans. Derry’s mother has heard many things about Mr. Lamb. She thinks that he is not a good person. So, she asks Derry not to go back to visit Mr. Lamb.

Qes 14 What happens at the end? 

Ans. While picking apples with the help of a stick, suddenly the ladder falls back and Mr. Lamb dies falling on the ground. Derry comes and finds him dead. He weeps.

Qes 15 Will Derry go back to his old loneliness again? 

Ans. The short meeting of Derry with Mr. Lamb boosted self confidence in Derry. He realized that life is beautiful; whatever God has created is beautiful. His whole perspective of life changed. So, definitely, Derry will not go back to his old loneliness again.

Qes 16 What benefits did Derry reap from his association with Mr. Lamb? 

Ans. Derek(Derry), the fourteen years old boy was conscious of his ugly face and so he wanted to remain alone. He felt that people either ridiculed or pitied him. So, he developed a negative attitude towards life. But his brief association with Mr. Lamb inspired him to live life as it came. Mr. Lamb said that he had two ears, two eyes, two arms, two legs, a tongue and a brain like all the rest and if he chose, he could do better than all the rest.

Qes 17 Both Derry and Mr. Lamb suffer from handicaps, yet their attitude to life is totally different. Discuss.

Ans. Mr. Lamb and Derry both are handicapped. Mr. Lamb has a tin leg and Derry has a deformed face due to spilling of acid. But they differ in their attitude to life. Derry does not like people’s reactions and so withdraws and keeps himself isolated. On the other hand, Mr. Lamb is not much affected by his handicap. He enjoys reading and gardening. He accepts everything as it comes. Though both Derry and Mr. Lamb are in contrast to each other, Mr. Lamb inspires Derry and changes his attitude towards life.

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