Journey to the end of the Earth || Important Questions || Class 12 English Vistas || Chapter 3

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Chapter – 3

Journey to the end of the Earth

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of the Chapter 3 “Journey to the end of the Earth”. It is the 3nd chapter of the Vistas of Class 12th English.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
SubjectEnglish (Vistas)
Chapter no.Chapter 3
Chapter NameJourney to the end of the Earth
CategoryClass 12 English Important Questions
Class 13 English Ch 3 Journey to the end of the Earth Important Questions

Ch 3 Journey to the end of the Earth


Qes1. Mention the author‘s emotions when he set his foot on Antatica.
Ans. Far flung white landscape and blue horizon of Antarctica was a relief to the author. The author with his team had travelled 100 hours. She wondered at the sight of the large continent, its isolation and serenity. She could not believe the fact that once India and Antarctica were the part of the same land mass.

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Qes2. What are Geoff Green‘s objectives for including high school students in ―Student on Ice Programme?
Ans. Student on Ice Programme‘ was aimed to provide educational opportunity for the student to study and explore the past, present and future of the Earth. The future generation of policy makers was offered a life changing experience to understand and respect the planet. The students at this age are ready to absorb, learn and act.

Qes3. Take care of small things, the big things will take care themselves‘. What is the significance of the statement?
Ans. Antarctica has simple ecosystem and lacks in bio-diversity. Little changesin environment can have big consequences. A very small single stemmed plant phytoplankton nourishes and sustains the entire food chain of Southern Ocean. These grasses to the sea use solar energy to absorb carbon. They to synthesize various organic compounds. We must take care of the small things to avoid the food chain reaction.


Qes1. Why do Tishani Doshi call her trip to Antarctica ̳Journey to the End of the Earth‘?
Ans. Tishani Doshi‘s journey began 13.09 degree of the Equator in Madras. It involves crossing nine time zones, six check points, three bodies of water and many ecospheres. She travelled for 100 hours in combination of car, aeroplane and ship. Setting foot on the continent, she turned emotional viewing expanded white landscape and uninterrupted blue horizon with a relief. She was wondered seeing its immensity and isolation. It was unbelievable for her to know that Antarctica and India were the part of same landmass. She felt that she had reached to the part history: to get of where we have come from and where we could go possibly. It is signficant to understand the evolution to this system.

Qes2. How hasrapid increase in human population left mark‘s on nature and its resources ?
Ans. Human population has been around 12000 years on the planet. Its very short passage of time on geological clock. During this period human has created ruckus, dominance on nature hasleftscars. Beautiful green land has turned into villages, towns, cities and mega cities. Many of the species have extinct, many of them are struggling to survive. Over consumption of the natural resources has been leading to a great threat to all the creatures. Fossil fuel has created a blanket of carbon dioxide resulting in climate change, global warming and depletion in ozone layer. It is disrupting food chain too. Humans do not have bright future unless ecological balance is maintained.

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