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Poem – 1

My Mother at Sixty Six

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Poem 1 “My Mother at Sixty Six”. It is the 1st chapter of Class 12th English .

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
SubjectEnglish Flamingo
Chapter no.Poem 1
Chapter NameMy Mother at Sixty Six
CategoryClass 12 English Important Questions
Class 12 English Poem 1 My Mother at Sixty Six Important Questions

Poem 1 My Mother at Sixty Six

Qes 1 Where was the poet driving to? Who was sitting beside her?

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Ans: The poet was driving from her parent’s home to the Cochin airport. Her mother was sitting beside her.

Qes 2 What did the poet notice about her mother?

Ans: The poet looked at her mother and saw that her mother was dozing with her mouth open.. She noticed that her mother was looking pale and lifeless like a dead body.

Qes 3 What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?

Ans: When the poet sees the pale face of her mother, her old familiar childhood fear returns. Ageing is a natural process. The poet’s mother is old and will die soon. This thought makes the poet feel miserable.

Qes 4 Why has the mother been compared to the ‘late winter’s moon’?

Ans: The poet’s mother is sixty-six years old. She has lost her shine and strength of youth. Similarly the late winter’s moon looks hazy and dull. It too lacks shine and strength.

Qes 5 What do the parting words of the poet and her smile signify?

Ans: The poet’s parting words and her smiles are intentional attempt to hide her real feelings. The parting words give an assurance to the old lady. Similarly, her repeated smiles are an attempt to overcome the pain and fear inside her heart.

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