The Interview || Important Questions || Class 12 English Flamingo Prose || Chapter 7

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Chapter – 7

The Interview

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Chapter 7 “The Interview”. It is the 7th chapter of the prose of Class 12th English.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
SubjectEnglish Flamingo
Chapter no.Chapter 7
Chapter NameThe Interview
CategoryClass 12 English Important Questions
Class 12 English Ch 7 The Interview Important Questions

Ch 7 The Interview


Qes1.How can the importance of interview be justified in modern journalism?
Ans. The interview is the most serviceable medium of communication today. It has become commonplace of journalism. We can know about celebrities through interviews.

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Qes2.What are some of the positive points about an interview?
Ans. It is a supremely serviceable medium of communication. It provides a vivid impression of our contemporaries. It equips one with the things related to life and progress.

Qes3.’Umberto Eco’s written output is staggeringly large and wide-ranging? How?
Ans. Umberto Eco is a versatile Genius, a prolific writer. He has written on wide ranging subjects such as literary fiction, academic texts, essays children’s books and newspaper articles. He has 5 novels and 40 non-fiction works to his credit.

Qes4.How has Umberto Eco become popular among the general public?
Ans. Umberto Eco’s novels made him popular among the people in general. Ten to fifteen million copies of the novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ were sold.

Qes5.Why did the American publisher think that the novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ Won’t sell well in America?
Ans. The novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ Dealt with a period of medieval history. The publisher did not expect very good response in America because the Americans knew nothing about cathedral. People were ignorant about the medieval part.


Qes1.What kind of writer is Umberto Eco? What sort of writing does he have to his credit?
Ans. Umberto Eco is a versatile writer. He had already acquired a formidable reputation as a scholar for his ideas on semiotics literary interpretation and medieval aesthetics before he turned to non-fiction writing. He had a narrative style of writing. He has writings like literary fiction, academic texts, essays, children’s books, and newspaper articles to his credit. He believes in non-violence and peace. He has written five novels and more than forty non-fiction works.

Qes2.Why do some celebrities despise interview? Are they justified? 

  • Feel unwanted intrusion in their lives.
  • According to Naipaul people are wounded and lose a part of themselves.
  • Lewis Carol is horrified by the name of interviewer.
  • Kipling terms it immoral, criminal.
  • H.G. Wells refers it as an ordeal.
  • To an extent justified – being victims.

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