Survival, Growth and Development (Ch-11) Important Questions || Class 11 Home Science Chapter 11 in English ||

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Chapter – 11

Survival, Growth and Development

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of Class 11 Home Science Chapter 11 (Survival, Growth and Development) in English. These Important Questions are useful for the students who are going to appear in class 111 board exams.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 11
SubjectHome Science
Chapter no.Chapter 11
Chapter Name(Survival, Growth and Development)
CategoryClass 11 Home Science Important Questions in English
Class 11 Home Science Chapter 11 Survival, Growth and Development Questions in English

Chapter 11 Survival Growth and Development

Short Question Answers (2 Marks)

Q1. Doing polite behavior with children is called what kind of discipline?

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Ans. Affection oriented approach.

Q2. What we call the Cognitive development in adolescence at the age of 11 to 18 year?

Ans. Formal Operations stage.

Q3. Reflex which helps in breast feeding what we call it?

Ans. Sucking reflex

Q4. Differentiate between growth and development?



  • We can measure growth.
  • Growth is related to Physical changes.
  • Increase in size we call it growth.


  • Development cannot be measured but we can observe it.
  • Development is multi-functional and versatile in nature.
  • Development is qualitative in nature.

Q5. What do you mean by sensory development?

Ans. Sensory development means development of the senses like taste, listening, touching, seeing etc.

Q6. What is the age group of infancy?

Ans. Infancy is of birth to two years of age.

Q7. What do you mean by motor development?

Ans. Motor development means controlling the activities of our body. They are of two type- gross Motor skills and fine Motor skills.

Long Question Answers (3 Marks)

Q1. What do you mean by physical development? At the time of birth what is the weight of a child and in one year how much it will increase?

Ans. Physical development means physically we grow. Like growth happen at the time of pregnancy and it will go till the body reaches complete growth. In this body physically developed like increase in height and increase in size of different organs At the time of birth the weight is 2.5 to 3 kilogram. The weight of a child is double in six months and triple in 1 year. In one year the weight of a child is 8 to 9 kilograms.

Q2. What do you mean by emotional development? At the time of birth child can produce what all emotions?

Ans. Emotional development is related to our emotions like crying, smiling, being angry etc.

  • When caretaker plays with child he express emotion from face (facial expressions) child will also try to copy it and it will help child to develop some emotions.
  • Mother or caretaker will play with child. In most of the cases mostly mother take care the child and with mother child will develop a connection.
  • In the early stages of life it is very important to develop emotional and social development for child’s healthy growth. For example a secure child less cry.

Q3. What is the role of brother and sisters in the taking care of a child?

Ans. In taking care of a child, brother and sister play an important role. Big brother and sister fulfill all the requirements when parents are not present near child. They play with the child and build a very close relationship like a friend with the child. As the child grows in school years they understand the meaning of a friend as they start playing with their friends. They do all the activities with their friends, with age develop a very close relationship with their friends and share each and everything with their friends.

Q4. What do you mean by cognitive development? How many stages it has?

Ans. Cognitive development means the thinking power of a child and the understanding of a child. For example colours name different shape living and nonliving things differentiate between food and etc. children will learn the reason and the fact of things they will understand by the things happen with what reason behind it. When a child start going school his thinking and understanding develop more effectively. He can easily find various solution for different problems which come in his way and he can also think about these solutions and develop these kind of quality. According to the Jean Piaget there are 4 stages of cognitive development from which age child have to go.

Q5. What do you understand by language development? At what age a child’s language development start?

Ans. Language development -In early ages firstly a child produce some sound like ok, bye, crying by smiling he produced some sounds. And from that sound his language development starts. Gradually child produces some alphabet like Cha-cha, papa etc. And after that he make sentence and start speaking.

Long Question Answers (4 Marks)

Q1. What is social development? At birth how social development of a child happens?


  • In early stages of life the social development of child starts with the interaction with his mother or a caretaker which show social development of a child.
  • An adult or a brother or sister when talk ok play with the child they play a role of mother. They use some special languages like tub they can produce some sounds which give happiness to the child and child also try to copy them.
  • When child see mother smiling he also smiles and produce some sounds in happiness.
  • Mother or care taker always care child and fulfill all his requirements. Some connection will develop between the child and the caretaker which shows his social and emotional development.

Q2. In the taking care of a child what is the role of a parents explain in detail?

Ans. Mother and father take care of the child, which affects his overall personality and growth and development of the child. Child will learn many things from his parents they tried to copy their parents. Children will learn skills how to behave different rules values from their parents. Parents will love their child and that will help in the development of a child. Parents will discipline their child by new rules and values. Some parents will do polite behavior with their children, they are called affection oriented disciplining approach. Some parents are behaving strictly with their children they are called Power oriented approach.

Long Question Answers (5 Marks)

Q1. What is the different stages of cognitive development? Explain some important qualities of these stages?

Ans. According to the Jean Piaget there are 4 step of cognitive development from which age child have to go

  • The Sensory Motor Stage – Birth to 2 year in this state child will learn many other things with the help of their senses and develop some Motor skills that’s why it is called sensory motor development for example by touching any thing he will understand hit and with the help of sound he will understand some kind of signs and symbols. In 2 month child will start taking interest in the things which is available in the surrounding in three month of age he will understand the language of other persons and their indications. 8 month of a child will understand that whatever actions he will do it will affect others like when he throw anything it will create sound so he understand the reason and effect of things. 8 to 12 month of a child will do things knowingly and see the effect of their actions. 18 month of child start doing different things like by throwing his toys he will understand how far it will go. Children will understand things accidents and he will recognize people.
  • The Pre-Operational Stage – 2 to 7 years in this he start developing imagination and learn many things like to create things different shapes, time, distance, speed, counting, colours, area, measurements, living and nonliving things, height, temperature etc.
    • He can arrange things on the basis of height at the age of 4 years.
    • He will learn 1 to 10 counting at the age of 3 years
    • He will learn his mistake gradually and correct it
    • He will learn that the quantity will remain same if the shape will be different.
    • They will learn putting things in a sequence on the basis of their shape, height, weight etc.
    • He will also learn different persons prospective like when anybody hides anything from him he will find that thing where that person can hide it. In this stage children will understand that there is a life in things. When story was told to children they will imagine things like tree clouds and they will think they all have life and all living things.
  • The Concrete Operational Stage – 7 to 11 years this is middle childhood stage. This child think about problems in different perspectives he can also learn about sequence and can give his opinion about it. In this state children are self-centric and they will understand people will think and understand according to their perspectives. He can understand addition, subtraction, he can also understand seed fruit and non-seed fruits, and they also categorized these fruits.
  • The Formal Operational Stage – 11 to 18 year of age in this he become adolescence. He can very well understand things in this stage there is no need to show things to children they can imagine various things and then think about it and give their opinion. They can imagine different situations and always do daydreaming they have a disciplined thinking and can also find solution of their problems.

We hope that Class 11 Home Science Chapter 11 (Survival, Growth and Development) Important Questions in English helped you. If you have any queries about class 11 Home Science Chapter 11 (Survival, Growth and Development) Important Questions in English or about any other notes of class 11 Home Science in English, so you can comment below. We will reach you as soon as possible…

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