The Midnight Visitor || Important Questions || Class 10 English Footprints without Feet || Chapter 3

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Chapter – 3

The Midnight Visitor

In this post, we have given the Important Questions of chapter 3 “The Midnight Visitor”. It is the 3rd chapter of the Class 10th English.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Footprints without Feet
Chapter no.Chapter 3
Chapter NameThe Midnight Visitor
CategoryClass 10 English Important Questions
Class 10 English Ch 3 The Midnight Visitor Important Questions

Chapter 3 The Midnight Visitor

Question 1. How is Ausable different from other secret agents?

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Answer: Ausable is different from other secret agents in more ways than one. He has a small room in the musty corridor of a gloomy French hotel. It was on the sixth and top floor and it was scarcely the setting for a romantic adventure. He was extremely fat. In spite of living in Paris for over twenty years, he spoke French and German with difficulty and had an American accent. Instead of getting messages passed secretly to him by beautiful girls, he got only a routine telephone call making an appointment. In these ways, he was different from the conventional notion of a secret agent.

He dealt with Max by inventing some stories and convincing Max to act on them, so that he could get rid of Max permanently.

Question 2. Who is Fowler and what is his first authentic thrill of the day?

Answer: Fowler is a writer and he had come to meet Ausable. His first authentic thrill of the day came when he saw a man in Ausable’s room pointing a pistol towards Ausable and himself.

Question 3. How has Max got in?

Answer: Max had got into the room using a passkey or master key.

Question 4. How does Ausable say he got in?

Answer: Ausable said that he thought Max had got into the room through the balcony. He said that it was the second time in a month that somebody had got into his room this way.

Answer the following Questions

Question 1. What great qualities made Ausable a successful secret agent?

Answer. Ausable was a secret agent in an organization. He was alert and resourceful. He was a cool-headed person and had a lot of presence of mind. He was an American and could also speak German and French.

Question 2. Why was Fowler disappointed on seeing Ausable?

Answer. Fowler was disappointed on seeing Ausable who was unlike other secret agents. He was fat and sloppy with heavy American accent. He was not at all flashy or romantic like other agents.

Question 3. Who was Max? How did Ausable get rid of him?

Answer. Max was a secret agent who came for secret papers on missiles. Ausable outwitted him by making a false story that the police might have come to provide him security for the important paper and also a story about the balcony. Max tried to escape through it and died.

Question 4. Why did Max Jump out of the window of Ausable’s room? Why did he scream loudly?

Answer. Max was frightened of police. Besides he was convinced about the balcony outside the window. So to escape from the person, he jumped out of the window as there was no balcony there, he fell down suddenly to the ground. That’s why he screamed loudly.

Question 5. How did Max try to escape? What happened to him?

Answer. Max wanted to hide himself on the balcony. He put his leg over the window and jumped on to the balcony. He dropped to the balcony, screamed loudly and died, because in reality there was no balcony.

Question 6. Why did Ausable frame the story of the balcony?

Answer.  Ausable knew that Max was scared and he used his ignorance and foolishness in his own favour. He framed the story of the balcony to convince Max about the balcony which was actually non-existent. It helped Ausable to get out of a dangerous and critical situation.

Question 7. Why did Max enter Ausable’s room? How did he do so?

Answer. Max entered Ausable’s room to take a ‘report’ regarding the new missiles. It was the report that was to be delivered to Ausable that night. He did so by using a pass key to enter in Ausable’s absence.

Question 8. What was Fowler’s perception about a secret agent?

Answer. Fowler had a romantic perception about a secret agent. He used to think that a secret agent should be tall and handsome. He should deal with a dangerous situation. His life should be full of thrill and action. He should receive messages from mysterious beautiful woman and be surrounded by mysterious figures.

Question 9. The balcony plays a significant role in the story ‘The Midnight Visitor’, How?


How did the role of the balcony become significant in the story, “The Midnight Visitor”?

Answer. The significance of the balcony is quite clear in the story. Actually, there is no balcony. It is just a clever strategy used by Ausable to outwit Max. Ausable created the balcony which did not exist so as to dupe Max and the police. Max thought balcony as a means to escape from the police.

Question 10. How do you know that Ausable was an intelligent secret agent?

Answer.  Ausable was intelligent secret agent, as he could easily fabricate stories and befoot his enemies and kill them without using any weapon. He is very fat and short but he is much alert in the mind. Actually he uses his mind to the maximum. He did not get nervous when Max entered the room with an automatic pistol. Rather he was easily able to outwit Max.

Question 11. Presence of mind and intelligence is more powerful than a gun.’ How far is it true in case of Ausable, the secret agent?

Answer.  A good spy need not be handsome, attractive and smart. Physical strength can be additional advantage but certainly not the essential one. Secret agents have to face critical situations at every step. One night, Ausable found Max in his room. There was an automatic pistol in his hand. He had come there to take the report from Ausable. Max was also a secret agent of another organisation. Ausable was not the least afraid of Max’s presence. He thought of a clever trick. He convinced Max about a balcony outside the window. Just then there was a loud knock at the door. Ausable told Max that it was police to provide him security. Max had no time to think. Max rushed towards the window and dropped to the non-existent balcony and met his tragic end. Ausable did not use physical
strength. He won over the critical situation by his sheer presence of mind.

Think About It

Question 1. ‘Ausable did not fit any description of a secret agent Fowler had ever read.” What do secret agents in books and films look like, in your opinion? Discuss in groups or in class some stories or movies featuring spies, detectives and secret agents, and compare their appearance with that of Ausable in this story. (You may mention characters from fiction in languages other than English. In English fiction you may have come across Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, or Miss Marple. Have you watched any movies featuring James Bond?)

Answer: Secret agents in fiction are projected like ideal men, ‘Tall dark and handsome’. They are usually well-built and keep beautiful women for company. They would smoke a pipe (like Sherlock Holmes) or a cigar and execute death-defying stunts (like James Bond). Movies based on James Bond show hi-tech gadgets which assist the detective in countering villains. However, there are some exceptions to this appearance of a secret agent also. A character named Feluda was created by Satyajit Ray, the famous Bengali filmmaker. Feluda was a tall athletic figure who relied on his superb analytical ability and observation skill.

Question 2. How does Ausable manage to make Max believe that there is a balcony attached to his room? Look back at his detailed description of it. What makes it a convincing story?

Answer: Ausable creates a detailed description of how his office was part a bigger apartment and how the next room had a direct connection with a balcony. His statement that . somebody else also broke into his office through that balcony earlier made it a convincing story. Ausable’s ability to think quickly and calmly in a situation of panic makes it convincing.

Question 3. Looking back at the story, when do you think Ausable thought up his plan for getting rid of Max? Do you think he had worked out his plan in detail right from the beginning? Or did he make up a plan taking advantage of events as they happened?

Answer: No, I don’t think that he had worked out his plan in detail earlier. He took advantage of events as they happened. Ausable made up a story of the balcony outside the room and as there was a knock at the door, he said that it would be the police. All these made Max desperate. He became restless and without seeing below, jumped out of the window.

Talk About It

Question 1. In this story, Ausable shows great ‘presence of mind’, or the ability to think quickly and act calmly and wisely, in a situation of danger and surprise. Give examples from your own experience, or narrate a story, which shows someone’s presence of mind.

Answer: This story refers to the play ‘If I Were You’. Gerrard was held hostage by a criminal. However, Gerrard treated the criminal as a guest and trapped him with his confidence. He managed to convince the criminal to run away as the police is behind him. He told the criminal to run through the exit door, which was actually a cupboard door. The criminal exited through the door and was trapped in the cupboard.

Question 2. Discuss what you would do in the situations described below. Remember that presence of mind comes out of a state of mental preparedness. If you have thought about possible problems or dangers, and about how to act in such situations, you have a better chance of dealing with such situations if they do arise.

  • A small fire starts in your kitchen.
  • A child starts to choke on a piece of food.
  • An electrical appliance starts to hiss and gives out sparks.
  • A bicycle knocks down a pedestrian.
  • It rains continuously for more than twenty-four hours.
  • A member of your family does not return home at the usual or expected time.
  • You may suggest other such situations.


  • If a blanket is available, it should be put over the fire to shut out the air. If the fire is not due to an electrical problem, water can be thrown on it. If it is due to a short-circuit, electricity must be disconnected immediately from everything in the kitchen before taking any other measure.
  • The child’s back must be thumped slowly until the piece of food stuck is vomited out. However, in case it continues, the child should be given trained medical aid immediately.
  • Electricity to the appliance should be immediately disconnected. If it is plugged into a socket, the plug must be removed from the socket. Later on the appliance may be got repaired by an authorised person.
  • First aid should be given to the pedestrian at once. Public help may also be asked, if necessary. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, the affected person may be shifted to hospital.
  • Flooding may be caused by a heavy downpour. So all necessary precautions for saving various possessions should be taken, besides informing the concerned authorities to take preventive action.
  • A family member not returning home at the usual time should be enquired for at the place he or she was expected to visit. If he or she was with friends, these friends or the friends’ families should be contacted. If there is no result from these enquiries, as a last resort, the lcical police may be informed.

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